Welcome to the home page for our course, "English for Scientific Researchers." This course has been offered to graduate students in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science of the Graduate School of Science of the University of Tokyo since April 2004. From April 2004 to March 2008 the course was part of the COE program. Since April 2008 the course has been part of the regular curriculum.

It is essential for all scientists to be able to communicate with their colleagues in other countries. As a practical matter, this requires the use of the English language, which is the de facto language of international communication for scientists. Unfortunately the English language education typically offered to Japanese students is not sufficient for them to be able to communicate effectively. (I wrote an article in 2010, in Japanese on the problems of English language education in Japan in Todai's monthly internal magazine.) We therefore established this course to further improve our students' English language communication skills.

We hope that the new generation of young Japanese scientists (as well as foreign students who are not native speakers of English) will use the skills they learn in this course to become active participants in the international community of researchers in Earth and Planetary Science.

Robert Geller
Professor of Geophysics